Meet Lisa.

Lisa is the passionate driving force behind Stix Yoga and her yoga journey began fifteen years ago. She fell in love with the physical practice instantly, but after integrating it into her lifestyle experienced the positive impact that it had on her life outside of the yoga studio as well. Lisa as well as her children noticed a shift in her energy and mood when she practiced compared to when she didn’t. Yoga became an integral element of her life that was important to her on both a physical and mental level.

A few years back her best friend enrolled in teacher training and after completing her training told Lisa “Your life after teacher training will never be the same.” Inspired by passion as well as her friend’s journey, a year later Lisa decided to make the same venture and was blown away as to how accurate her friend’s statement was. Her life WAS NOT the same. Not only was she physically stronger from all of the hours of practicing, but her self clarity improved and the world around her has since seemingly evolved. Teaching has taught her so much about herself. It reinforced the need to have patience and she learned when to push herself as well as when to give herself permission to pause for a break when needed. Through teacher training she realized that the mental benefits of her yoga practice were far greater than the physical benefits and the physical benefits were just the cherry on top! Teaching yoga has brought new clarity to Lisa’s mat.

One of her most gratifying experiences of teaching has been sharing her love for yoga with others as well as helping others to flourish. She vividly remembers that time that she had two new beginner students come to her class and while demonstrating how to do a crow pose she noticed right away both of the new students looked at her with that doubtful “no way, not me” face. Well, a few months later both of those students nailed that same crow pose that they once stared at in disbelief. Lisa’s take on the situation is:

This is about so much more than the physical pose. It’s not only about practicing consistently, but most importantly believing in yourself. Many yoga instructors can teach students a pose, but I want my students to know that it’s not about the pose! It’s never been about the pose. It’s about what you learn about yourself getting up to the pose! When we truly believe in ourselves, great things will happen. When we say “stronger” we always think about our body. When I say stronger I think in terms of our minds. Strengthening your mind will in turn allow your mind to help strengthen your body. Nailing a cool yoga pose will not bring you a lifetime of happiness, but trusting the process will. Dedication, patience, consistency and self awareness are the keys to a happy life. Yogi or not: CALM MIND. STRONG BODY.

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